Danh sách 23 Diễn giả chương trình Đào tạo quản lý cao cấp của Thụy Điển

Ngày 21/09/2016

The programme offers a combination of theory and practice, including advanced business-related problem-solving, seminars and meetings with prominent experts in the commercial, political and cultural fields, as well as company visits.

The programme comprises of three weeks of intensive work spread over approximately four months, allowing the participants:

  • to understand the nature and business potential of Corporate Responsibility and to test Corporate Responsibility tools applicable to their own company
  • to widen their personal and professional network both in Sweden and in their home countries
  • to deepen their knowledge of modern international business and increase their cultural awareness

The aim of the programme is to build a network consisting of people interested in the process of promoting enhanced relations and business cooperation between Sweden, Africa, Europe and Asia.

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